Evernote Pros

Five reasons why you should definitely use Evernote as a college student

Evernote is a note taking and archiving program that allows users to make and share documents, audio files, presentations and photo albums. While being incredibly easy to use, Evernote also is a fabulous study tool that college students should consider using. Access Evernote from your laptop or get the app for easy smart phone and iPad access. Here are five main reasons why Evernote can have a positive influence on your study habits.

  1. Take notes in class: Evernote allows you to create a document on your phone, laptop, iPad or other device and stores it so that you can access it from any other device later. Take notes on your laptop in class and review them later on your iPad. Need a quick refresher before class? Pull out your smart phone and access your notes on Evernote.
  2. Everything saves automatically: Most students by the time they come to college can recall that one time they forgot to save their ten page research paper and the entire thing was erased, or lost their note page with all the information for the test. Avoid these horror stories and write your papers or take notes on Evernote which saves everything automatically.
  3. Share projects and information with classmates: With the click of a button you can share your Evernote projects with anyone through email, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook or through a link. If you choose to update to the premium version of Evernote (which is quite affordable actually) you can allow others to edit your projects, making for quick and easy collaboration. Work with classmates on a group assignment or create a photo album with friends.
  4. Manage the different parts of your life: Young adults lead multi-faceted lives as friends, family members, students, employees and more. One of the most useful features of Evernote is its ability to categorize. Create different notebooks for the various areas of your life and separate documents and presentations by class. Also, share individual projects or an entire notebook.
  5. Multiple ways to record and remember: Typing is not always the best method for getting and saving information. Need to write math equations or draw a diagram? Use the drawing tool to write freely with a stylus or your finger or take a picture of something you have handwritten and copy and paste it into Evernote. Is your professor speaking nonstop and your poor fingers are cramping up? Use the audio recording feature so you won’t miss a word.

These are just five reasons why students should check out Evernote as a study tool, but to discover all of the benefits of this program and app, download it for free and begin using it today. You and your grades will be thankful that you did.


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