Studying at SLO Donut Co.

SLO Donut Company, or as everyone calls it, SLODOCO, is one of the most convenient and delicious options for studying close to Cal Poly’s campus. This 24-hour donut and coffee shop is a local favorite, not only for their delicious goodies, but also for the free wifi, plenty of outlets and light, open study areas.

Study Features

With tables lining the walls, a study nook at the back, and counter seating off to the side, you have plenty of options when it comes to picking a spot to camp out and get some serious studying in. Large windows let in the sunlight, giving this quaint corner shop an uplifting and happy atmosphere that keeps you awake and alert while studying. Quiet music plays in the background as perfect white noise to keep your brain focused.


 “Free wifi here, all the time, and we are open 24 hours. So you can come here anytime during the day or night and somebody’s gonna be here, serving you donuts, serving you coffee…”

Brady Nations- SLODOCO employee, 2nd year Cal Poly Student

One of the best features of SLODOCO is that it is open all day and all night.

  • Looking for a time when it will be open and quiet? Come in the middle of the day while students tend to be in class or at home.
  • Like to have a little hustle bustle around you but want to ensure you get an open table? Come in the morning when people tend to pop in to grab a donut.
  • The busiest times are between 8 p.m. and 2 a.m. when students tend to fill the seats and get their last minute assignments done.

“If I have to cram the night before I really don’t have to worry about a closing time if I have a big project I have to do, that’s really nice.”

Zack Dawson- 1st year Cal Poly student

Delightful Donuts

Snacking is always helpful when it comes to homework and studying, plus it just plain makes it bearable. And what is better to snack on than a fresh, delicious donut? The racks of unique and creative flavors will catch your eye right away, and along with the cheap prices, it is almost impossible to resist grabbing a donut. There is a type of donut for everyone, here’s a list of just a few flavors:

  • Buttermilk: chocolate/maple/plain/glazed (my personal favorite)
  • Cereal topped: Reese’s Puffs/Lucky Charms/Fruity Pebbles/Froot Loops/etc.
  • Topped: coconut/crumb/sugar
  • Old Fashioned: chocolate/maple/plain/glazed
  • Cake: chocolate/vanilla/raspberry/Devil’s food/maple/assorted
  • French: vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, maple or plain
  • Filled: Nutella/raspberry/chocolate/melted chocolate chip/etc.
  • Cinnamon rolls
  • Maple bacon (local favorite)
  • Cream puffs
  • Donut holes
  • So many more

Don’t forget to visit the donut decorating station to customize your donut with all of the frosting flavors (maple, chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, mint, etc.) and tons of sprinkle options.

“My favorite donut is the old fashioned glazed donut.” -Torrey Brugger- 1st year Cal Poly student

“My favorite is the chocolate buttermilk, it’s the best one out there.” – Brady Nations

IMG_4204   IMG_4205

Not to mention, the location of SLODOCO is prime when it comes to studying. Located only half a mile from Cal Poly and right in the center of most off-campus student housing, it is easy to drive, ride the bus, bike, skateboard or even walk.

Next time you need to study for a test, get some work done, or are craving a donut at 3 a.m., head to SLO Donut Company.


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